The Past is Celebrated

Long before Europeans settled and began the business of growing indigo and rice, Native Americans lived in villages along the area’s waterways and marshes. Wildlife was abundant and the tide-driven rivers and creeks made travel easy. 

Age-old burial mounds discovered in the 1930s revealed pottery shards, tools, jewelry and skeletal remains. Thanks to an extensive archaeological survey in the early 1980s, this exclusive community’s past is celebrated as one of the most thoroughly researched plantations in the South.

 For more than two centuries, the site of Wachesaw Plantation Club and its community was very productive land. Situated on a high bluff overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, the accessibility to the river’s deep waters made it an ideal landing for people and supplies entering and leaving the area. For that reason—and many others—the Plantation boasts an especially rich history.

Hundreds of years later, it is difficult not to be inspired by sheer beauty that still characterizes Wachesaw. Visionary planning, an unrivaled setting and an extraordinary suite of amenities have established Wachesaw Plantation as a sanctuary of grace and sophistication.