Our 18th GreenGolf at the Wachesaw Plantation Club is a special experience.  Explore this section to understand that experience.  Read about our golf course and follow the link to explore the course on a hole by hole basis.  Read about golf at the Wachesaw Plantation Club to understand the Wachesaw golf experience from a member's perspective.  You will also find information about competitive events at the Wachesaw Plantation Club including member tournaments,  member guest events and events for top level amateurs including the Wachesaw Invitational and the annual CanAm Junior matches.  You can also find out how to experience the Wachesaw Plantation Club by staying in one of our member owned cottages and playing at the Wachesaw Plantation Club, while enjoying full access to Kimbels, our restaurant on the Waccamaw, as well as the pool, the tennis courts, the practice facility and all of our amenities.